Cookieless Future Guide – the future of advertising without cookies

The impending “cookie calypse” is approaching. The Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) is bringing the cookie age to an end. But does this development mean the end for classic performance marketing? No! However, new ways of measuring campaign performance must be found.  

What do you need cookies for? 

Cookie tracking allows companies to find out, for example, how many visitors have been to their website or how they move around the site. The whole thing works via a kind of virtual sticker that is attached to Internet users and via which they can be tracked. The “sticker” is a short text file with an ID that is stored on the website visitor’s device (= cookie). Through the cookie set, the user can always be recognized for the duration of stay on the website, on return or even on other websites. The prerequisite here, however, is that the cookie is not deleted. 


How the consent requirement kills your conversions 

The problem with this method is that it may only be used after the visitor has given his or her prior consent. Consent is requested here in an upstream banner, the “cookie consent”. The consent requirement makes data collection a challenge. A large part of user behavior will no longer be measurable, since approx. 40-50% of users will reject cookie use if consent does not provide them with an immediate advantage. Thus, user recognition over time becomes impossible and data regarding customer journeys, multi-touch attribution, days since last visit and time to conversion is lost. Some analyses are no longer possible as a result. 

Flat isometric vector concept of web cookie tracking.

The solution to the problem – Cookieless Tracking! 

Cookieless Tracking offers a privacy- and user-friendly solution and is, as the name suggests, tracking without cookies and with Cookieless Web Analytics, where the use of cookies is waived. This makes the consent requirement obsolete. Here, the use of the right technology and compliance with the present laws for the protection of user privacy is crucial for legally compliant tracking. 


One of the best-known companies offering cookieless tracking is Hamburg-based etracker GmbH. The etracker solution has already been awarded the ePrivacyseal, which means it meets the highest data protection standards.


The data is stored here exclusively on German servers, no claim is made to the data, the data is not made available to third parties and is also not used for own purposes, which means that a consent requirement is not necessary. Data loss due to lack of consent is therefore impossible. The system also enables precise real-time analyses and is based on the use of pseudonymized data. There is neither storage of nor access to information already stored in a user’s device. Those who use Google Ads or Microsoft Ads can benefit from another advantage: the ad conversions recorded with etracker can be uploaded here particularly easily and automatically. The Google Ads can thus be managed completely from there. 


However, if visitor recognition is to be optimized after all, etracker offers a function that can be used to activate the cookies quite easily.

Evernine partners with etracker

SeSince January 2023, Evernine can identify itself as a Solution Partner of etracker. Please feel free to contact our campaign team if you have any questions.



Cookieless tracking is the future, because it brings many advantages. When it comes to measuring user numbers or understanding user behavior, statistical analysis should be completely sufficient, which means you can spare your users the annoying cookie consent banner. On top of that, you get comprehensive data about the site visitors and not only about the part that has agreed to the cookies. 


Online marketers gain enormous independence by using cookieless tracking. They can protect themselves from legal sanctions and also still secure their data base, which is crucial for the success of the campaigns. 


If you want to be on the safe side and track your next campaign cookieless, please contact us and we will find the right solution for you.