Cold calls are history – have you upgraded your sales department yet?

Cold calls are an important element in sales. As a modern consultancy, we see that many sales teams are not yet ready to modernize their sales activities.


Whether you’re still an old-school salesperson who’s been on the job for decades, or you’ve just recently joined, the phone is still considered your best friend.


According to a study by IDC, 84% of CEOs and VPs use social media to make purchasing decisions – the elimination of events and real-world appointments since Corona adds to the difficulty. Those who continue to rely only on their phones are way behind the ones who expand their horizon by using new channels. Although both ways will help you to reach your goal, one of them is the more efficient way.

The “New Normal” is on

Before we address the opening question, let’s go back two years ago. A global pandemic has monumentally changed the way we work. Events and business meetings have been eliminated, field service trips have become virtual meet ups, and more and more business is taking place over the Internet. This state of affairs has often been described in the media as the “New Normal.” In many places, voices are being raised that this was a development that was not brought up by the pandemic, but merely accelerated. Sales teams need to be aware of this and position themselves accordingly – but where to start?

It’s all about the right mindset

Before tackling more complex issues, such as the appropriate database or new sales techniques, it’s best to address the softer issues first. Many people rightly get goose bumps when they hear the word “mindset.” Too often, this term has been misused by snobby salesmen wearing a Rolexes sitting in their sports cars who want to tell others the secret of a five-figure, passive monthly income on LinkedIn or YouTube. But what lies behind the word is much more a new way of thinking and an understanding of digital communication platforms.


Many people are still unaware of the potential of platforms like LinkedIn and others, not to mention how to use them efficiently. Skilled salespeople have much more leeway and freedom here than on traditional sales channels. Social media is not only suitable for extroverted self-promoters, but also for good listeners – keyword: social listening. We show you and your employees how you can use social media in a targeted manner to digitally extend your marketing measures and optimize your sales output.

The more digital the focus of a company is, the more innovative the planned sales measures are (Image source: Adobe Stock / enjoys25).

A “new” world made of data

Do you have a basic understanding of social media and how to use it for sales? Your employees are active there and post regularly, but at some point the question arises: What’s the point of it all, anyway? A digital sales approach requires a new kind of understanding of the customer – away from the classic “give me leads and I’ll call you off” approach to a data-based and individualized approach.


On the one hand, this involves setting up and using a CRM as a basis before adding marketing automation systems to establish downstream lead nurturing and a so-called scoring model. But you don’t always need an expensive and complex software solution. Even on a small scale and without technical support, contacts can be meaningfully clustered, enriched with information (e.g., from social media), and addressed via various channels. Of course, automated and standardized approaches can and should also be used here as well as selective cherry picking. Initially, the effort involved often seems higher, but the sales rates are decisively better as a result and the motivation of the employees is also greatly increased.

From Cold Calls to “Spiked Calls”

Agencies are often too specialized to deeply unterstand complex B2B services and to set up effective marketing concepts. Evernine can change that quickly.

Now back to our initial question. Has the telephone had an outdated existence? Of course not. But digital and data-based sales turn cold calls into “spiked calls”. Appropriate pre-qualification, social monitoring and the like increase the chances of success immensely – and that in turn increases the motivation of the employees on the other side of the receiver.

“The classic sales DNA remains elementary in order to be really good at this job. However, digital platforms and tools can make everyday work much easier and create more room for creative approaches – which also benefits customers,” summarizes Tobias Lilienthal, Head of Sales Excellence at the Evernine Group.


As a sales manager, you are the first person to carry this digital mindset into your team – we support you in this. Regardless of whether you still have a “young” sales team or work with “old pros”. We will find the right workshop series for you – from the development of a “Digital Me”, to the use of ambassadors, to the development of an address strategy.


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Image source: Adobe Stock / Andrii