How to make your digital campaigns a success! 

Are you responsible for your company’s campaign success? The Evernine Group has been developing multi-award-winning digital campaigns for over ten years, taking a holistic approach. This means: We go the second and third mile for you. Why? Because experience shows that individual preparation and realistic KPIs make all the difference. We take your campaigns to the next level.

Our campaign forms.

In the area of campaigns, we advise our customers strategically – to the extent that you want. This may sometimes be inconvenient, but it allows you to exploit the full digital power of the web with our award-winning campaign systems.

Alternatively, we are happy to act for you as a modern performance marketing agency, using classic campaign systems with our experienced experts.

Our large in-house portal & publishing network is available to you for effective & innovative campaigns – controlled by our in-house agency.

Here is a selection of our campaigns that we offer for you:


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Digital Me / Social Selling


The creation of brand trust, an excellent analysis of the customer journey, and time for test & optimize are basic requirements for the success of digital campaigns. We are happy to support you in this.

Director Strategy Consulting Evernine

Account-based Marketing

In 2020, the Evernine Group won the German Prize for Online Communication and other awards with its account-based marketing approach for its customer T-Systems. In general, we offer fully outsourced account-based marketing activities on a HubSpot basis via our platforms, which can also be combined very well with our own activities. We differentiate between company clusters specified by the customer and predefined account lists. The goal is always to acquire as many MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SEL (Social Engagement Leads) as possible. Optionally, we also offer social selling approaches for the best possible processing of the leads.

Our partners for powerful campaigns.

With us, your campaigns will be a great success!

In our QuickGuide, we show you how to use our Evernine-unique approaches to get the leads you really want!

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Our Approaches.

Strategic Campaigns

#Leads (MQLs, SQLs, BANT) #Account Based Marketing #CTA-Interaction #Storepurchases #Google/SEA

We execute Account Based Marketing and Lead Gen campaigns as part of our Strategic Campaigns Approach. Here, Evernine Group works with a Best Practice Holistic Approach to increase conversions/business opportunities.


  • Eliminate classic misalignments of typical lead campaigns upfront
  • Get to know specifics in the case of Lead Campaigns & Account Based Marketing
  • Best Practices and Test & Optimize are standard for us
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Brand Loyalty

#Brand Awareness #Market Penetration #HR Brand #Recruiting Campaigns #PR Connection

In Evernine’s Brand Approach, we support you in effectively placing your brand messages on the web, on the channels that are really crucial for your target group. We activate your brand.


  • the human factor is crucial nowadays
  • campaigns without brand and purpose no longer lead to success
  • the hybrid approach of Evernine meets the current challenges exactly here
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Sales / Tech

#Closures #Sales Deals #Customer Journey Optimization #Martech Enhancements #First Party Data

In the upper midmarket and enterprise, companies already have a professional setup based on martech and social selling. However, measurable campaign success is often lacking. For such environments we have the unique Campaign Health Check, which identifies all critical factors for campaign success in heterogeneous environments.


  • Evernine’s unique Campaign Health Check
  • Martech with Funnel Analysis in combination with Social Lead Nurturing
  • Optimal collaboration of existing tools
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Excerpt of our campaign references.

In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


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In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech

Axians // Digital Chiefs

In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / IT & Tech

Trend Micro

In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


In 1. Consult / 2. Connect / 3. Create / IT & Tech


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