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4 top courses for social media managers

Social media is the new TV advertising – best brand perception at all levels. At least that is what a recent study says. With these 4 trainings you will get more out of your brand yourself and ensure demonstrable results.


by Lenz Nölkel
Editor in Chief / Sr. Communication Manager


Have you ever compared TV channels with social media? For example, would Facebook and Instagram be something like ProSieben or RTL II and LinkedIn like ARD (in cool)? We do not answer that question here. But there is another exciting comparison and it comes from a recent study by W&V.


According to this study, Facebook and Instagram ensure just as good brand perception as classic TV advertising.


But as you as an experienced reader know, perception is not everything on the web. Today companies expect results, ideally new leads. And to get them, you need expertise. Our partner magazine MyBusinessFuture presents four training courses that will make you a social media professional.


Source cover picture: iStock / EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHER