UX is not UI

How do companies understand UX Design and how do designers understand UX Design? There are often misunderstandings about this concept. The Evernine Group’s designers want to clarify and explain the difference between user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design.




by Karoline Orboi
Graphic- & Web-Designer Evernine Group

Many have a nice website, but a good user guide have the least.

The user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) are two different disciplines. Falsely, many reduce the UX to purely design aspects.

Visiting a website can either lead to frustration or joy. Can you quickly get to your goal or are you putting in a hurdle? A negative customer experience of the website visitor leads to a loss of confidence in the product and a reduced reputation of the company.

The user experience design includes a holistic way of looking at websites. How do users of different age and social backgrounds behave on a website? User Experience Design is to develop empathy for the user and create a positive experience across all media. Here we take into account all emerging wishes or needs of a user.

At a glance: What is a UX Designer and what is a UI Designer? (Source: Evernine)

UX Designer has a specific process for designing user-friendly systems

The UX design process is analytical, conceptual, philosophical and psychological. This complex approach consists of numerous steps. 


Some components are customer and industry research, interviews, information architecture, illuminated Customer Journey, wireframe and prototypes. Only after a final content strategy has been developed, the website is designed by a user interface designer.

Content first. Design last.

A screen designer receives specific details from the UX department for the placement of all website elements. The task of the designer is to implement the corporate identity (CI) of a company on the new platform. Color, typography, and image language are relevant in this step. Do you recognize the brand in the design of the Internet appearance? The designer provides for more than just the aesthetics on the side. Is it clear to a user, for example, which elements are clickable on the website and which ones are static? An interface designer takes account of the functionalities on all (mobile) devices and points the UX Design Team to possible weaknesses in navigation or interactive elements.

Visual representation of the development process from wireframing to final screen design. (Source: istock image proof Seamni + Evernine)

„Was is the difference between UX and UI? That is our answer!“

Is your website ready?

Not yet. Now comes the analysis phase: are there complaints from users? What are the gaps? What has to be gone, what is to be done?

In the future, when you book your holiday or watch series online, ask yourself as a user : Can I quickly reach what interests me? Is everything intuitive and self-explanatory? If not, remember that a team of UX and UI experts could fix this problem.