How you use the one-voice approach to bring your marketing forward

Not only is the market changing – your company is changing aswell. Does your marketing really focused on your strategy? Does this strategy also match the changes in your company? Do some approaches need to be considered? What steps should be taken to help your marketing department better collaborate with Sales? We will show you how to use the “One Voice” approach to increase efficiency in your company.


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO und Content Marketing Manager Evernine Group


Many industries are changing. Especially in communication, there are often new processes or new technologies that are being used. Moreover, many structural changes happen, which impacts the decision-making processes in various departments.

In particular, the marketing departments often bite into the sour apple. Today, the marketing itself is usually seen only as a “purpose-oriented tool”, less and less as an independent and business-relevant department. The colleagues from the sales take over parts of the advertising production, the IT advertises online with own budgets by new coworkers and the product managers go with blog contributions and success stories into the direct customer communication. So what remains for the marketers?

The Evernine Group basically recommends the so-called “one-voice” approach, which combines outsourcing and inhousing with each other and gives marketing the opportunity to become a decision maker. It is easy to get important sales tasks on board the marketing department via the use of digital self-publishing.

In his article on MyBusinessFuture, Hannes Beierlein, CCO at the Evernine Group, shows how you can successfully implement this approach in your company and secure your marketing department’s leading position. Read more


Source of title image: iStock / Andrew Rich.