Evernine starts successful QLM-campagne with HPE & Fujitsu

Qualified leads & awareness are the goals of any marketing campaign. But how do you get qualified leads for complex B2B topics? The solution is: great content. Evernine proves this with two successful content marketing campaigns for HPE and Fujitsu.

from Sandra Benz, Content Marketing Managerin Evernine Group

In early 2017, the Evernine Group launched its own publishing magazines mybusinessfuture.com & cloudmagazin.com a successful content marketing campaign for HPE (around the SAP S/4 HANA topic) and Fujitsu (K5 topic). Through the use of target-group-specific content and industry-specific publishing environments in conjunction with a topic-specific contribution, a campaign landing page and corresponding content marketing measures, qualified leads could also be obtained for the complex B2B topics of HPE and Fujitsu – and not just a little!


► Qualified leads through content


Landingpage for HPE. Source: Evernine

For the multichannel campaigns, both the journalistic article, as well as the landing page and conversion banner were created in-house by Evernine. With Conent Distribution via Outbrain and plista large quantities of readers were bought. Awareness is achieved through socials like Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing. The readers will be led through conversion banner in the contribution to the landing page and thus pre-qualified. There are also retargeting, as well as daily updated budgets on the best-running channels. Evernine calls this approach Qualified Lead Marketing.




► The secret of recommendations for further reading


Native Content Distibution via Outbrain for Fujitsu. Source: Evernine in collaboration with Outbrain

The native content distribution, for example via Outbrain and plista, has the crucial role in qualitative leads. Thanks to our close partnership with Outbrain & plista, the initial campaign contribution will be used as a natural reading recommendation by well-known German magazines. Using algorithms, readers are thus shown relevant topics at the end of an article, for example in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. By clicking on this ad, the reader then reaches the contribution. The conversion banner within the contribution forms the bridge to the landing page. This way, we can be sure that only readers who are interested in the topic reach the landing page and become a lead. In addition, the way through a contribution offers the opportunity to explain a complex topic first.


With HPE and Fujitsu, Evernine ran just such a campaign, proving that you can catch qualified leads for complex B2B topics as well. Long live the content.

Interested in a QLM campaign? More information is available here.