The most important content marketing trends for 2017

The years is slowly coming to an end. While some are trying to make the most out of their remaining marketing budgets, others are already working on their marketing strategy for the next year. But which channels should be served in 2017? Is the focus on performance, or are you more successful with content marketing? In an overview, we show you on which marketing trends you should count in 2017. 


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO and Content Marketing Manager Evernine Group


Are you in the middle of setting up your content marketing strategy for 2017? Then you shouldn’t miss these trends. Even though content marketing isn’t the easiest tool to implement in your own communication strategy, you shouldn’t abandon it. After its massive hype during the last years, content marketing now serves as a strategic tool to reach your KPIs in the best way possible. But this approach can only be successful when high quality content is created through a professional editing office. This is the only way to make your topics stand out of the masses. The only way to reach your specific customer groups. The only way to increase awareness.

In the following article, we want to show you three important trends in content marketing that you should take into account in 2017.


► Combine retargeting with content marketing


The variety of marketing channels keeps growing and growing. Therefore, it isn’t always easy for a marketer to keep track of all different channels, not to speak of choosing the right ones for their own or their customers’ KPIs. Two questions come up very often: Do I publish my new topic or product rather via social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing? Or is it worth writing an article for content marketing? Do I even reach the right target group with Google AdWords and display campaigns? What is more purposeful – content marketing or performance marketing?

Everything depends on the right mix

Both fields have certain advantages. While the Evernine Group rather counts on its QLM (Qualified Lead-Marketing) approach for more complex topics, performance marketing is still preferred for simpler campaigns. But basically, it all depends on the right mix, regarding KPIs and A/B testing. With algorithms of the web, marketing becomes an inbound experience.


                                              Retargeting banner work well in combination with content marketing. (Picture: Evernine)

How can you implement this effectively? Create an article that has an added value for your target group. Then place a conversion banner in the middle of the article that leads to your landing page with an attractive action. Track all the people that have read your post. With the help of UTM tracking, you can build up a first pool of readers to whom you will now be able to display further campaigns directly.

And with this reader pool you proceed by using retargeting in the second step following your content marketing campaign. Therefore, you create displays and play them out in the whole Google search network. The clou is: You only reach out to the reader pool that has already read your post – and therefore is already pre-qualified for your topics. You will realize that with this method, you will be able to reach your target group even better and faster, and also to generate leads as well as awareness in the market.


► Become a publisher


Do it like CANCOM: Put up your own company magazine as a base for successful content marketing –  (Picture: Evernine)

To practice purposeful content marketing, you should place your topics in preferably neutral magazine environments – with little branding, a classic layout with reading recommendations, trust elements and the like. Such publishing platforms are optimized for native content distribution and combined with professional content, they can lead to an enormous length of stay.

You are currently playing with the idea of outsourcing your editorial topics to an external publishing environment? You spend too much time on discussing content with your editors, and feedback loops become longer and longer? And then you realize that your content is displayed right next to your competitors’? Put all that to an end – by becoming a publisher yourself!

The base for awareness and lead campaigns 

Build up your own company magazine and let your customers dive right into your world of experiences. Conduct successful content marketing campaigns and generate awareness and leads specifically. Remember: A corporate magazine is not only a good way to publish your topics in an attractive and professional environment. It is also an optimal base for powerful awareness and lead campaigns.


► Unite all your complex solutions and topics in a “web shop system”


Do it like the HARTL GROUP. Place your solutions and services simplified in a “web shop system” – (Picture: Evernine)

Online shopping has already become an integral part of our purchasing behavior within the private environment. But also more and more IT manager in the B2B field make their purchase decisions online.

According to an expert survey conducted by the e-commerce guideline consortium ibi research of the university of Regensburg and by the e-commerce consulting company VOTUM called “Online purchasing behavior in B2B e-commerce“, online retail in B2B already has a higher turnover than in B2C. An important result of the survey is that almost three quarters of companies already do their shopping online. CEOs and budget manager comfortably compare service and products online, get backround information and can start product requests at the same time.

You offer complex solutions and services and have therefore problems to market them profitably? Put your issues in a kind of “web shop system”. This way, you can offer your potential buyers or customers transparent means of communications for products that are in need of further explanation. Besides that, you can offer pricing concepts and thereby provide more clarification about the products. You can also set up an additional chat or support function so that prospective buyers can propose their questions directly to you. This makes it possible for potential customers to compare different products.


Advantages of a shop implementation

A shop system is not only attractive for users, for example when they can look up all their formerly booked services within a login area. It is also interesting for you. You can easily connect the shop to your ERP or CRM system. Get rid of unnecessary work steps – simplify your processes, optimize your process costs and work more efficiently. Connect sales and marketing. Offer your products and services more often in some kind of “web shop system” in the future. Also call attention to your offer via social media channels, create posts and place your offerings in an attractive way in the form of a conversion. Use your shop system and cross selling for the marketing of your solutions. Bind your customers closer to your company and win new customers.


►It’s time to act


Content marketing – especially in the B2B field – has become one of the most important communication tools. And even though all channels with digital roots change very fast, you should keep track of this trend. Be right on the cutting edge!


Source of title image: Evernine Group.