Evernine at the Outbrain Academy – first certified partner in Europe

The publisher platform Outbrain offers now a worldwide certification program for marketing & media professionals with the name “Outbrain Academy”. The first interactive workshop in Germany took place on 13 October in Munich. A day full of interesting insights and new ways to get better results through the Outbrain platform. The Evernine Group was live at it and become the first certified Outbrain partner in Europe!

from Sandra Benz, Content Marketing Managerin and Influencer Evernine Group

Content marketing is not a simple tool that you can easily integrate into your own communication strategy. It is only successful if you do it right and create the content professionally through a specialist editorial. But this good content must also reach the KPIs of the customers. In the Outbrain Academy the standards such as the choice of the right distribution channel, the formulation of the right headline, the choice according to the right display and connversion-optimized targeting were also highlighted. And above all, how to successfully use the campaigning tool.


► Content instead of Banner Advertising


Skip Button, Ad Blocker, Banner Blindness, Viewability and Second Screening are the challenge for marketers to develop new ideas to connect with users. Outbrain relies on a new strategy in which the customer is captured in the so-called “interest moment” and is reached with the right targeting.

With the motto “Outbrain brings the right story to the right person”, Outbrain offers the possibility to place own content on high-quality and well-known publishers in order to bring pre-qualified readers to their own page. With over 50 algorithms, readers are helped to discover content that is interesting, relevant and up-to-date for them.

The Evernine Group has carried out numerous successful Awareness & Lead Campaigns with Outbrain in the content marketing – but concerning to the dashboard operation and the optimal target group approach – you live and learn. Evernine took the chance and took part!



► The Outbrain Academy – Investment for the future Zukunft


Evernine at the Outbrain Academy. Picture: Outbrain Academy

The mission of the Outbrain Academy is to train a new generation of agency experts and provide them with tools, insights, techniques and best practices to help them manage, optimize, and deliver KPIs using the Outbrain platform and their solutions.

Our day at the Outbrain Academy on October 13, 2016 in Munich gave us not only theoretical insights but also direct applications. In interactive exercises, the learned methods could be tested directly in the Outbrain tool and implemented directly.



► Benefits of Outbrain and the Academy


Outbrain offers a very high content quality through the premium environment and can reach a range of 34 million visitors – which is a remarkable 72 percent of the entire “online population”. The infield displays are not very annoying for the user and he must be active himself.

With the certification by the Outbrain Academy we gained a clear knowledge leap against the competitors as participants and become a brand ambassador of Content Discovery. In addition, as a certified partner we are now one of the first to test out new Outbrain features and can thus offer our customers the latest services directly.



► What we were allowed to learn?


Certified! – The first alumni of the academy. Bild: Outbrain Academy

  • Outbrain Basics: Campagnen-Setup and Management
  • Performance measure & optimisation
  • Reaching business success for the customers
  • Outbrain Insights: What readers want


The Evernine Group was trained at this academy and finally certified to distribute content marketing campaigns about Outbrain with conscientious and effective results. Three of our employees are the first alumni of the Academy and can look forward to their official confirmation of their Outbrain expertise. We would like to say “Congratulations!”

For further information and insights on the first Outbrain Academy in Europe, please contact our partner Outbrain.

Picture source: Outbrain Academy