makes it into Google-News

Especially in August, online magazines fear the so-called “summer hole”. Most readers stay away due to holiday season and the conversions are going back massively. But not at The magazine managed to get to the top of Google-News with the support of Evernine.

For online magazines, it is the highest art to make it to the top of Google search results by choosing meaningful tags and keywords. Or even make it into Google-News. But that’s not always easy. Content have to be be chosen correctly and a balanced mix of topics should be found. The leading branch magazine has now achieved exactly that. Besides major online publications such as Süddeutsche, PC-Welt and Golem, now also appears in the search for keywords in Google-News. The picture shows current results for the keywords “Convertible” and “Keyboard”, right next to magazines like Süddeutsche Zeitung or PC Welt.

High quality content always up-to-date

Since launching its own company blog in 2014, CANCOM has set itself the task of publishing high-quality content on a daily basis and thus tying customers closer to it. Marketing, awareness and lead campaigns are also successfully implemented in the magazine together with partner manufacturers and the support of Evernine via content seeding.

The magazines and, which we created and operate, have also made it into Google News thanks to our marketing team.


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Source of title image: Evernine