Press release: Evernine Group: A new era for self-marketing is on the agenda

The Evernine Group, based in Munich and Hamburg, offers companies a way to develop their own strategies for marketing, sales, HR and PR into digital transformation. Qualified lead marketing (QLM) allows medium-sized and large companies to start right away.

Munich, 26th of July, 2016 – While digital self-marketing has already been established successfully in the music industry by major artists, this change is still a challenge for classic corporate communication. There is hardly any successful artist that doesn’t owe his popularity in the entertainment industry to ingenious self marketing, for example in the area of social & referral marketing. This model can also be transferred to free economy as well as to more complex B2B communication.

The Evernine Group, one of Germany’s leading communications consultants based in Munich and Hamburg, emphasizes the urgency of digital transformation for medium-sized and large companies. Anyone who does not manage to quickly adapt his measures to the new possibilities – especially in the key areas of marketing, sales, HR and PR – runs into danger of being overtaken by digital players.

The core elements of modern strategies are, on the one hand, the interlinking of all communication activities of the most important departments, for example via a central office in the company, as well as the so-called “inbounding” – the measurability of all provisions to be digitized via return on investments and benchmarks. All activities for sales, marketing, recruitment or branding via socials, if set up correctly, can be measured well and optimized continually thanks to the correct results control – which at the same time offers valuable conclusions for your own GoToMarket.

The way to success through Qualified Lead Marketing (QLM)

The Evernine Group actively supports companies in this process. By now, the growing company has been optimizing its consulting approach and the portfolio by means of strong partnerships and experience in a wide range of industries. For example, the company is an official marketing partner of the Experton Group, an ISG Group company, which is a well-known consulting company for the digital sector throughout Germany. The Experton Group, in partnership with the Evernine Group, provides pre-defined awareness and lead packages to medium-sized and large IT companies for their own benchmarks – with the Evernine Group’s guaranteed results. At the end of July 2016, the Evernine Group’s website will be broadcast live at, which clearly demonstrates the approach of modern inbound communication.

On the one hand, the house is set up with three consultancy bodies, which have specialized knowledge and a large network in specific sectors. On the other hand, the four fields of consulting, platforms, apps & publishing, content & PR as well as marketing & branding provide a complete fulfillment approach with the agency behind it. With Qualified Lead Marketing “QLM”, there is a product with which marketing-responsible medium-sized companies can enter into digital communication. Therefore, the agency runs several content marketing magazines to conduct customer-driven awareness and lead campaigns in conjunction with multi channel & content marketing.