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Campaign for every touchpoint in the customer life cycle

For an efficient campaign it is important to find out which contact points are available for existing and potential customers. With this knowledge you can influence them in the customer life cycle. To do this, however, it must first be defined in advance.


Defining the phases in the life cycle is the key to success. This is necessary to develop and optimally design an ideal strategy. It is used to address each individual customer based on their current relationship with the company and ensures that they are guided into later phases (e.g. customer loyalty).


Once a goal has been set, it is easier to control how customers should move through the life cycle. Ideally, it is the turn of those responsible for marketing to develop the right content and campaigns for each touchpoint. Especially since it allows you to influence the movement through the life cycle. Learn more about campaigns here.


But the customer life cycle must first be defined. This article on MyBusinessFuture helps with 6 questions on the optimal customer life cycle of a company.


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